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The doctoral school of chemical science (EDSC) is in charge for the doctoral formation in chemistry for both Strasbourg & Haute Alsace* universities : R&D training through research.

The PhD is carried out under the supervision of a director whose ability to supervise research has already been granted (HDR), within a unit or a research team attached to the graduate school. It should lead after writing and defending a thesis (usually 3 years), to the doctor title.

(*For the PhD students affiliated (or willing to) to the UHA, you can refer to the Mulhouse’s antenna site).

As for Strasbourg, the EDSC gathers 250 PhD students supervised by 150 research professors and HDR researchers. The PhD students are carrying out their work in 10 research units (8 mixed units CNRS-UdS and 2 exclusive CNRS units) located on the Eplanade, Cronenbourg and Illkirch campus. Since the merging of the 3 Strasbourg universities, the EDSC belongs to the “Collège des Ecoles Doctorales” (gathering 10 doctoral schools and roughly 2700 PhD students).

The EDSC is ruled by a head and assisted by a council. It follows the rules dictated by the ministerial decree of August 7th 2006 and the charter of PhD of Strasbourg university.