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Doctoral School Council

Council members

The composition on January 1, 2024 will be as follows :

  • Gilles ULRICH, Professor, Deputy Director EDSC

Unit Representatives and Research Teams

  • Gilles HANQUET, UMR 7042
  • Christian LEY, LPIM UHA
  • Marco CECCHINI, UMR 7177
  • Laurence MIESCH, UMR 7177
  • Arthur CIESELSKI, UMR 7006
  • Frédéric BIHEL, UMR 7200 Rep Campus Illkirch
  • Myriam SEEMANN, UMR 7177
  • Guilhem CHAUBET, UMR 7199 Rep Campus Illkirch
  • Maurice MILLET, UMR7515 Rep Campus Cronenbourg
  • Anne-Cécile ROGER, UMR 7515
  • Yannis FRANCOIS, UMR 7140

Representatives of doctoral students (elected)

  • Guillaume SIEGEL, PhD - Campus of Cronenbourg
  • Jaison CASAS, PhD - Esplanade Campus
  • Merwan BOURAGUBA, PhD - Esplanade Campus
  • Indréalie LANTUS PENN, PhD - Campus Illkirch
  • Mulhouse on hold, PhD - UHA

Representative of IATOS (appointed)

  • Mulhouse on hold, UHA Research Engineer, laboratory LCOB
  • Elise GLATTARD, IResearch Engineer at UNISTRA, UMR 7177

External Members (Appointed)

  • Damien BOLL, Great East Region
  • Aziz DINIA, Professor ; director, ED Physics and Physical Chemistry, UNISTRA
  • Maxime LEHMANN, Professor ; director, ED Life Sciences and Health, UNISTRA
  • Industrial on hold
  • Industrial on hold

Invited Members

  • Dominique BERLING, Head of UHA Science Department


  • MASTER managers :
  • Sylvie FERLAY, M2 Physical Chemistry and Materials, Faculty of Chemistry, UNISTRA
  • Valérie BERL, Master Chemistry, Biology and Medicines, Faculty of Chemistry, UNISTRA
  • Valérie HEITZ, Master Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, UNISTRA
  • Stefan CHASSAING, Master in green chemistry, Faculty of Chemistryn, UNISTRA
  • Gilles MARCOU, M2 Chemoinformatics, UNISTRA
  • Morgan CORMIER, Master Chemistry, UHA

Composition of the Council Office

The composition on January 1, 2024 will be as follows :

  • Gilles ULRICH (campus Cronenbourg)
  • Yannis FRANCOIS (campus Esplanade)
  • Guilhem CHAUBET (campus Illkirch)
  • Dominique BERLING (UHA)