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MOOC "Scientific integrity in research professions" (required)

Intended audience: Mandatory for all 1st year doctoral students in all disciplines

Form: Online training

Calendar: 4 sessions throughout the calendar year

Location: https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:Ubordeaux+28007+session01/about

Validated duration: 10 hours

Description :
The objective of this training is to spread a culture of scientific integrity within institutions. Rather than passing on knowledge, it is more about raising awareness of the various issues associated with scientific integrity and fostering a critical approach by proposing the basic elements necessary to understand and support the requirements of scientific integrity. This training aims to:

  •     Inform you about scientific integrity issues.
  •     Warn you about the mechanisms that can lead to breaches.
  •     Encourage you to develop a sense of responsibility and to behave with a view to scientific integrity.

Registration is done directly online:

- French version: https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:ubordeaux+28007+session01/about

- English version: https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:Ubordeaux+28007EN+session01/about

After receiving your follow-up certificate, send it directly by e-mail to your transversal training manager Mme Géraldine Schverer (gs@unistra.fr) who will validate your training hours in AMETHIS.