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Cross-training and Professional development

54 hours of cross training and professional development have to be validated over 3 years. Those training sessions are usually proposed by the "Collège des écoles doctorales". One might find those formations elsewhere, especially students spending most of their PhD abroad (in this case, an official certificate of attendance from the organisator is needed). As for the contractual PhD agreements, the trainings will have to be (partly) related to the mission’s purpose. Students who do not have a sufficient understanding of the French language can replace those trainings by French courses (« Français Langue Etrangère » or « FLE ») .

The Doctoral-University of Strasbourg College has a new training management tool: AMETHIS

This application is only accessible to doctoral students registered administratively for the year 2018/2019 and will have to be used for all registrations for cross-training except for the courses offered by URFIST, IDIP and the Jardin des Sciences ( see end of message).

You will find enclosed an AMETHIS user manual

You will find all the explanations as well as the new catalog of cross-training courses 2018/2019 on the University website: http://www.formations-collegedoctoral.unistra.fr/index.php?id=17333

Please read the procedure carefully before first use. An English procedure is being drafted and should be available soon.

Please also refer to the titles of the 2018/2019 catalog trainings to find the training offers you are interested in. This will greatly facilitate your search.

Transversal training courses for doctoral students, provided by URFIST, IDIP and the Science Garden are already accessible and registrations must be done directly via their website. By clicking on the respective links below, you will find calendars and registration details for each training organization.

- Access to URFIST trainings: https://sygefor.reseau-urfist.fr/#/program/strasbourg
- Access to IDIP training: http://idip.unistra.fr/university-pedagogy/cycles-de-formation/
- Access to the formations of the Jardin des Sciences: http://jardin-sciences.unistra.fr/

The transversal courses that will be carried out will be validated by the doctoral college upon receipt of the enrollment lists or training validation certificates.