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4th year (derogatory)

Registration in the 4th year of a doctorate may only be granted on a derogatory basis upon a reasoned request from the candidate and on the proposal of the director of the Doctoral School. The council of the ED must be consulted (Decree of 2006 - Article 15).

List of documents to download on the application with signature of the doctoral student, the thesis director and the director of the research unit for a 4th registration

  • The application for 4th registration via the doctoral application signed by the candidate, the thesis director and the director of the research unit.
  • a progress report of approximately 5 pages which must be signed by the PhD student, the thesis director and the research unit director.
  • A document setting out the reasons justifying the request for extension of the thesis and including a provisional defense schedule. This document must be signed by the PhD student, the thesis director and the research unit director.
  • The complete list of disciplinary and transversal courses followed since the beginning of the thesis. This list must be signed by the doctoral student and the thesis director.
  • A thesis supervisor's certificate on funding indicating the source of the funding, its monthly net or gross amount and its duration.
  • The monitoring committee (French or English) to do for all PhD students entering the fourth year of the thesis. It is actually preferable that it is the same committee that evaluated the doctoral student in the 2nd year. As for the expected, it is to see the progress and make recommendations for a defense as close as possible.

Any incomplete file will be refused.

Administrative reinstatement

The administrative registration for a doctorate is done as soon as the secretariat of the doctoral school will have informed you by email about the validation of your teaching file. You will then be able to file online the supporting documents requested during your administrative registration and to follow the progress of the processing of your file on the new PJWEB digital service.

Administrative registration file

The final validation will be made only after receipt of the following supporting documents and payment of tuition fees:

  • Individual analysis sheet
  • Photocopy of an identity document
  • Photocopy of the visa if applicable
  • 1 photo of identity (2 if card culture, to note on the back name and surname)
  • Photocopy of the employment contract or attestation of financing of the thesis
  • Social Security Coverage (if required) and Liability Coverage
  • 1 certificate of schooling in case of parallel enrollment in another institution


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