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Mission education


The decree n ° 2009-464 of April 23rd, 2009 or the decree n ° 2016-1173 of August 29th, 2016 can claim a complementary mission which :

  • only consists of research work for the PhD
  • In addition to this research work, it provides for another mission, particularly teaching (64 hours a year). This mission provides additional remuneration.

The service of the contractual doctoral student is stopped every year by the president of the university.

Note : Contractual doctoral students can not perform any teaching activity outside the teaching missions described on this page.

Application: 1st application and renewal

Who is eligible ?

Doctoral students benefiting from a doctoral contract within the meaning of the aforementioned decree, whatever the origin of the contract: ESDC, organization, Alsace Region, etc ... The beneficiaries of a CIFRE are not eligible. Doctoral students whose doctoral contract has come to an end are not eligible.

Who is involved in this procedure ?

ESDC PhD students, regardless of their discipline, those who have never completed a teaching assignment, such as those who have already completed a mission and who request renewal.

How to apply ?

File to be completd which will be returned to us by mail exclusively (bosse@unistra.fr)

The selection of candidates will be made by the heads of the various components.

The appointment of the missionary PhD students will take place at the beginning of the academic year.