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Individual monitoring committee

From 01/01/2023, the individualised follow-up committee will be annual. This also applies to doctoral students who started with the start of the academic year 2022. There will be no derogation.

You must send the composition of the ISC using the document for validation by the ED by 1st April 2024 at the latest. Once the CSI has been validated, it can remain in place for the duration of the thesis. In the event of a change in composition, the committee must also be validated.

The CSI must be completed before 30 June 2024 for all years of the thesis, except if the defence will take place before 31 December 2024. The minutes must be sent to the ED secretariat (bosse@unistra.fr) by the experts without the doctoral student's and thesis director's signatures. The report signed by the ED will be sent to the doctoral student by 5 July 2024 at the latest. They will be responsible for signing it and sending it to their thesis director and the UMR director for validation. This report will be uploaded into AMETHIS for re-registration. Without a CSI, re-registration will no longer be possible.

For the 2 members of the jury:

  • 1 rapporteur with HDR and the second rapporteur does not need an HDR but must have validated experience of supervising a thesis as co-director;
  • NO member of the same team can be a rapporteur.
  • At least one of the two rapporteurs must be from outside the institution, and one must be thematically distant from the main field of the thesis
  • Members of the ISC cannot be the thesis rapporteur at the defence, but they are allowed as examiners or guest members.

The follow-up will be done with the attached documents. A booklet should be created with all the ISCs of each year. This booklet should also include a yearly progress report to be sent to both rapporteurs before the meeting. It need not be longer than two pages with the following chapters: project, results, perspectives and valorisation.  The amethis extract should also be attached with the training report.


I'd like to take this opportunity to reiterate the vision shared by our ED representatives of the Comité de Suivi: a meeting to check on the progress of the thesis and whether it's going well, and to discuss arrangements for the defense (or funding for an extra year if necessary), as well as preparation for the post-thesis (post-docs). It's not compulsory to give a scientific talk, although this can be a good way of starting the discussion. What is mandatory is to have a time for discussion :

  •     the committee with the doctoral student, without management
  •     the committee with management, without the doctoral student
  •     everyone together

and you have to fill in the documents. It's not an exam, and should never be seen as a source of stress or pressure from your thesis supervisor.