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Electronic submission of the thesis

To be done after the defense

The register of the defense accompanied by the defense report is returned to the Pôle scolarité of the doctoral college.

The Pôle scolarité of the doctoral college:

  • records the result
  • sends a letter to the candidate asking him/her to deposit his/her application at the "Thesis deposit" desk accessible on the Internet via the ENT tab "My file":

1. summaries in French and English,

2. his thesis with corrections if necessary,

3. the electronic publishing contract of the thesis completed and signed (English version of the publishing contract)

4. the thesis registration form.


Doctor :

Deposits his documents on the "Thesis deposit" desk (via his ENT "My file" tab) within one month if there are no corrections to be made to his manuscript, within three months if there are corrections to be made.

The validation of the corrections must be certified by the thesis director or the president of the jury.

The Pôle scolarité of the doctoral college and the SCD are in charge of putting the thesis online.

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