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CIFRE contracts

  • CIFRE contracts (industrial agreements for research training) allow the recruitment of a PhD student by a private company..
  • Campaign : the filing of files is done throughout the year
  • Procedure :via the website www.anrt.asso.fr
  • This device is managed by ANRT (National Association of Research and Technology) and funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • The thesis is realized by conducting research in the company and in the host laboratory of the doctoral school to which it is attached. The doctoral student thus participates in the rapprochement of the academic environment with the concrete expectations of the company.

Specific help from the European Doctoral College

  • Consult the dedicated page on the website of the European Doctoral College.

TAFER Association

The TAFER association helps students and doctoral students to find funding for their studies, internships or theses. Projects of the TAFER association (www.tafer.fr) aim to offer as complete an inventory as possible of existing funding in France and to show students, in a friendly and fast way, the possibilities open to them.

Recently we have put a search engine online for research and study funding. This free service makes it easy to find fellowships in France through a personalized search, mainly for PhD students, but not only. If you want to get an idea of this project, I invite you to go watch on www.mabourse.fr.

In addition to our online fundraising service, our main goal is to provide training in this area so that undergraduate students are able to do effective research and grant applications on their own. The purpose of our training is to introduce students to the steps they must take to find personal funding.