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For a derogatory registration

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  • Application for an admission by way of derogation
  • a detailed curriculum vitae, with a list of publications, if applicable,
  • a copy of the titles or diplomas obtained (with translation if necessary),
  • a copy of detailed transcripts of the years of graduate studies indicating the hourly volume of courses taken (with translation if necessary),
  • the contact details of the last establishment attended (address, telephone, e-mail),
  • a copy of the master's thesis - or equivalent document - and, if applicable, publications. These documents may be written in a language other than French; if this is the case, provide a substantial summary in French,
  • the attestation of audition for a doctoral candidacy,
  • the reasoned opinions of the future thesis director of the University of Strasbourg and the director of the research unit including the presentation of the research project,
  • certificate from the thesis director on the financing, indicating the source of financing, its monthly net or gross amount and its duration,
  • birth certificate,
  • letter(s) of recommendation from a scientific guarantor (teacher, supervisor, leader) - if possible