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COVID19 🦠🦠🦠

Please find below a couple of informations concerning the confinement period:

  1. The agenda for the inscriptions will not change.  All contact with the doctoral school and its administration should be done by email, we won’t be able to examine any papers.
  2. Seminars and congresses have been cancelled. You will be allowed to validate webinars and other training that can be found in the internet in the current situation; Check for example the ACS page, there are several free webinars. For students that are finishing their thesis we will look into each specific situation and you are welcome to contact me if you have any question.
  3. In case you are organising webinars or if you know about an interesting proposal, don’t hesitate to communicate it.
  4. For the mid thesis that is obligatory before the third-year inscription and all follow up inscriptions. In current situation we accept a mid-thesis made by video conference when using one of the secure systems allowed by CNRS or university. Please contact me BEFORE the mid thesis and send the date, the name of the jury members as well as the video system used (edsc@unistra.fr). The mid-thesis (http://ed.chimie.unistra.fr/documents-et-liens-utiles/pour-le-comite-de-suivi/) includes the possibility for the jury to add information about any problems linked to the confinement situation, like for example stopped experiments.
  5. Organization of thesis defense by totally dematerialized route strictly limited to the health crisis situation linked to COVID- 19. A fully dematerialized defense can only be organized under exceptional conditions which do not allow the defense to be postponed to a later date. It is the subject of an argued derogatory request, at the latest 3 weeks before the presumed date of the defense. To obtain the procedure, please contact the ED management : edsc@unistra.fr


Heire is some information about the competitition of the Doctoral School of Chemical Sciences in case candidates from your laboratories come foward:

  1. The calendar will be maintained, but advise students to check the ED website regularly
  2. Application files must be sent in electronic version (5 MB). We do not have the opportunity to study the paper files.
  3. If the candidate is pre-selected, a 10-page report on the M2 internship is expected. The document may include any experimental part which has still been able to be produced and completed by a bibliographical study of the subject
  4.  The oral format will be identifief at the neck of the month of May. Pre-selected students will be informed

The attention of international travellers is also drawn to the following health measures for entry into French territory as of 25 May 2020:

  • Travellers coming from outside the European area (all countries in the world except the Member States of the European Union [except Spain], Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican), as well as travellers coming from the United Kingdom (as of 8 June) and Spain (by air only), will be invited to volunteer to carry out a fourteen-week home visit, or in a dedicated place made available to them, upon their arrival on French territory.
  • Travellers coming from within the European area (Member States of the European Union [except Spain], Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican) will not be subject to any health measures upon entry into French territory if they do not show symptoms of VIDOC-19.
  • Travellers travelling overseas, or travellers who present symptoms of COVID-19 infection upon arrival on French territory, will be subject to a mandatory quarantine measure upon arrival.

All the applicable rules can be consulted here.

For UK: https://uk.ambafrance.org/COVID-19-Conditions-de-deplacement-entre-la-France-et-le-Royaume-Uni-28925#t2-Voyageurs-entrant-en-France-en-provenance-du-Royaume-Uni