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Admission conditions

To be admitted in first year of PhD, the students have to fulfill the following requirements :

  • Have a master’s degreegranted by a French university establishing their ability to perform research. The average master grade (calculated from the results of all 4 semesters) has to be at least equal to 12/20.
    • Exceptionally, EDSC can accept candidates with a master degree with an average grade between 10 and 11,99/20 over the last 2 years (M1+M2) provided that the council delivered a positive evaluation after examination of the candidate’s record.
    • Candidates with a foreign master degree can also apply for a PhD. The cover letter written either in English or French has to be sent / brought to the secretariat by the candidate to be examined by the EDSC council and then transferred to the university president.
  • Be granted with a funding of at least 1250 euros net per month.Funding possibilities are proposed by EDSC. Both thesis and unit directors have to make sure that the candidate gets a sufficient health and accident coverage that matches the medical and hospital tariffs in France.
  • Be granted with a written agreement of a thesis director (HDR) and another one from the corresponding unit director.
  • Have the language level B2 from the CECRL (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues) either in French or English. Candidates who received a Master degree from a French or an English speaking university are assumed to have the B2 level. Other candidates will have to provide with their subscription a language level certificate provided by a competent body.

If you fulfill all those conditions, you can proceed with your academic registration ("educational registration")